FW: Brazilian Time Zones and DST

Stefan Johansson jason at stefan-johansson.com
Thu Nov 4 00:18:46 UTC 1999

Dear Paul,

Comments to what you wrote below:

1) As can be seen from the screen shot attached, taken only 6 minutes ago,
Brazil has NOT been updated according to Decree 3188, it is still according
to Decree 3150. Cuiabá, Fortaleza and Maceió have DST, meaning Yes instead
of No in the table. Furthermore, Roraima is not taken care of rightly, there
is the need to add a zone Boa_Vista.

2) Yes, São Paulo is very much bigger than Brasília, in fact it is the
biggest city in the whole of South America, BUT everyone in Brazil knows
that the official time in Brazil is called "Horário de Brasília", i.e.
Brasília time. I think that justifies changing the zone name to Brasília.

3) Palmas is the capital of Tocantins. It has 86,000 inhabitants. Araguaina
is bigger right now, with 106,000 habitants, however Palmas is the city that
is growing and soon will be the biggest city in the state of TO.

Best regards,

Stefan Johansson

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>    From: Stefan Johansson [SMTP:jason at stefan-johansson.com]
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>    Yes, 1999h reflects the right DST start and stop dates for Brazil,
>    but decree 3188 of 1999-09-30 included the states of SE, AL, PE,
>    PB, RN, CE, PI, MA and RR, further to those already mentioned in
>    decree 3150 of 1999-08-23.  Please make the necessary changes in
>    the Brazilian rules, since I am not familiar with the syntax.
> It should be OK; those changes were installed soon after Decree 3,188
> came out.
>    As a consequence, I would like to suggest the following Brazilian time
>    zones:
> I think the only difference between your suggestions and what's
> currently in the tz database is the choice of the canonical
> representative for each region.  The TZ database uses Sao Paulo where
> you suggest Brasilia; Sao Paulo seems correct to me, since Sao Paulo
> is larger.  For Tocantins, though, the TZ database uses Araguaina
> instead of Palmas.  Here I'm not so sure which is right, since I don't
> know which city is larger, and I don't know how distinctive a name
> `Palmas' is.
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