Nunavut time zone controversy is still hot

Paul Eggert eggert at
Mon Nov 8 23:39:28 UTC 1999

The November 5 issue of the Nunatsiaq News
contains a letter about the recent time zone change in Nunavut.
The letter is entitled ``Nunavut government rules by tyranny''.
It suggests (among other things) that Nunavut needs ``a better form of
governance where we could really let the government be accountable to us''
It ends as follows:

   (I am requesting now to have my name withheld from this letter, in
   case it is published, because I fear that there would be repercussions
   imposed on me, and my job might be terminated because of the fact that
   I publicly criticized the government in the manner that I did.)

   (Name withheld by request)


Nunatsiaq News, Nunavut Edition: Letters to the Editor

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