Jordan has ended DST (again!)

Steffen Thorsen straen at
Tue Nov 9 22:25:33 UTC 1999

It seems like the people in the Jordanian government have changed mind
about DST yet another time (third time this year, I think).

Earlier this year they decided to observe DST all year round, but in
September they went back to winter/standard time anyway.

The Jordan Week ( ) has some

  Adjust your watches

  Winter time starts today Thursday, 30 September. Clocks will be turned
  back by one hour. This is the latest government decision and its final!
  The decision was taken because of the increase in working hours in
  government's departments from six to seven hours. 

The article does not mention when the clock was turned back. Given
Jordan's past history (turning clocks the night between Thursday and
Friday), I guess they changed back on Thursday, 30 September at 24:00
local daylight time (to 23:00 standard time). However, I could be wrong,
they might changed sometime else during that day (23 hours earlier?)

Who knows what Jordan will be doing next year...

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