Brazilian summer time

Paulo A. P. Pires pappires at
Mon Oct 4 19:25:03 UTC 1999

Dear sir(s),

Once again, Brazilian Government changed rules (if such rules ex-
ist at all) that define dates for the begining and ending of sum-
mer time.  This time, however, some states started (or restarted)
adopting summer time as well.

I  am attaching a file (in "diff -u" format) that cointains modi-
fications made to .../zoneinfo/southamerica.  I believe it to  be
accurate.   Modifications  were made after information on federal
decrees 3150 and 3188.

As  a  side note, I recommend that zone file America/Sao_Paulo be
renamed to America/Brasilia.  Brasilia is  the  nation's  capital
and  also  the  time reference  for everything  in  the  country,
even for  states in  different  time  zones.    The  three  major
cities  in  the country, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Hori-
zonte  (located, respectively, in the states of SP, RJ  and  MG),
all observe summer time together with Brasilia.

	Paulo A. P. Pires -- Network Administrator
	pappires at

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