Brazil timezone changes for Oct1999 and Feb 2000 and a question

Marcus Chase at
Wed Oct 20 17:32:31 UTC 1999

Hello Timezone,

Brazil/East time changes for Oct1999 and feb 2000 occured for

Rule    Brazil  1999    only    -       Oct     Sun>=1   0:00   1       D
Rule    Brazil  2000    only    -       Feb     Sun>=26  0:00   0       S

The time is not certain.  I have yet to see a governement rule that firmly
states at what specific hour to time change is to occur.

We have TZ=Brazil/East.  The original southamerica file on our system had 

"Rule    Brazil  1988    max    -       Oct     Sun>=15  0:00   1       D" 

In late September I changed max to only for the 1988 rule and added the 1999
and 2000 rules.  But my system only changed to EDT on Sun the 17th of
October.  I ran ´truss -a -f -wall -vall -rall date´, which revealed that
date opens /usr/share/lib/zoneinfo/Brazil/East, but does not open
southamerica.  After updating the southamerica file do I have to ´rebuild´
the Brazil/East file in some way?

Attached is my southamerica file.


Marcus Chase

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