Expired Rules: How Should They Be Handled

Dave Skinner dave at nurh.jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Dec 14 18:40:26 UTC 2000

I have written some software to reduce the "tzdata" files down
to their current GMTOFF values with associated Rule usage.  The
software ends up acting as an integrity check on the database,
i.e. it coughs up current expired Rule usage.  The following
Rules, which are current Rule in the indicated Zones, have all
expired.  How should/are these Zones handled if a user does
a "setenv TZ " of one of them?

Dave Skinner
dave at nurh.jpl.nasa.gov


Rule	Ghana
Zone	Africa/Accra

Rule	SA
Zone	Africa/Johannesburg

Rule	SL
Zone	Africa/Freetown

Rule	Tunisia
Zone	Africa/Tunis


Rule	HK
Zone	Asia/Hong_Kong

Rule	Mongol
Zone	Asia/Hovd
Zone	Asia/Ulaanbaatar

Rule	Phil
Zone	Asia/Manila

Rule	PRC
Zone	Asia/Harbin
Zone	Asia/Shanghai
Zone	Asia/Chungking
Zone	Asia/Urumqi
Zone	Asia/Kashgar
Zone	Asia/Macao

Rule	ROK
Zone	Asia/Seoul

Rule	Taiwan
Zone	Asia/Taipei


Rule	AQ
Zone	Australia/Brisbane

Rule	Aus
Zone	Australia/Darwin

Rule	Cook
Zone	Pacific/Rarotonga

Rule	Holiday
Zone	Australia/Lindeman

Rule	NC
Zone	Pacific/Noumea

Rule	Vanuatu
Zone	Pacific/Efate


Rule	Barb
Zone	America/Barbados

Rule	Belize
Zone	America/Belize

Rule	CR
Zone	America/Costa_Rica

Rule	Guat
Zone	America/Guatemala

Rule	Haiti
Zone	America/Port-au-Prince

Rule	Salv
Zone	America/El_Salvador
Zone	America/Tegucigalpa


Rule	CO
Zone	America/Bogota

Rule	Peru
Zone	America/Lima

Rule	Uruguay
Zone	America/Montevideo

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