[rfc] why the different MST7MDT zoneinfo files?

Ben Collins bcollins at debian.org
Sun Dec 24 16:50:35 UTC 2000

I'm not too familiar with zoneinfo symantics, but I need to follow up on
a Debian bug report. A user noticed these different MST7MDT zoneinfo
files, and that the SystemV ones have the incorrect DST. Why are they
different? Shouldn't the all be the same?

f1937d0d3ed3a6cf9ca44e04cb4d8509  /usr/share/zoneinfo/MST7MDT
f1937d0d3ed3a6cf9ca44e04cb4d8509  /usr/share/zoneinfo/posix/MST7MDT
1ac36e9eb32fbeb87af9921ba5b58850  /usr/share/zoneinfo/posix/SystemV/MST7MDT
65cbdc206e84bf90b10fabb30c13e9b1  /usr/share/zoneinfo/right/MST7MDT
b4885b6a643d6a8c6e5e1f7de5180650  /usr/share/zoneinfo/right/SystemV/MST7MDT
1ac36e9eb32fbeb87af9921ba5b58850  /usr/share/zoneinfo/SystemV/MST7MDT

Thanks, and happy holidays,

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