tzcode standard C patch

Russ Allbery rra at
Thu Jul 27 22:32:07 UTC 2000

Martin Smoot <msmoot at> writes:

> I would agree that changing the default for HAVE_STRERROR is a good idea
> (we set it in our make file from the beginning) but would recommend
> against removing the HAVE_STRERROR code from zic.c at this time.  I
> would suggest doing one or both of the following instead:

> 1.  add a #warning line within that block of code suggesting that having
> HAVE_STRERROR set to zero may not be needed.

> 2.  put the strerror routine in a new source file (possibly not normally
> compiled).

> It always seems that when a routine is removed, somebody suddenly needs
> it so keeping it around for a while may be a good idea.

The primary system without strerror, if my memory serves me correctly, is
ULTRIX.  I know that there are still some people with ULTRIX boxes around,
as someone was asking on the netscape.public.* groups a while ago about
compiling Mozilla for it.

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