proposed tz changes for Israel, Mexico, Simferopol, etc.

Steve Mann smann at
Fri Jul 28 16:23:55 UTC 2000

At 9:13 AM -0500 7/28/00, Bill Tiede wrote:

>  I'm just curious if anyone else found any official corroboration of 
>this change before you make this change to your tz database.

I recently received the following information from the Director 
General of the Israel Space Agency:

>Last week it was decided that the DST in Israel will be finished this year
>at  Oct 6. For the next 4 years the dates will be  beginning of 
>April until last week
>of Sept. (in special cases it can move to first week of Oct.)

I'm not quite sure what he meant by the "beginning of April". If 
anyone wants to pursue details, I can provide email contact 
information privately.

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