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> Is there any formula to convert Longitute/Heading to time zone.
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I'm not sure what "heading" has to do with it. Is that the direction in
which travel is proceeding? If so, it doesn't affect your "time zone". Only
longitude affects that. You can calculate your actual mean-solar-time
offset from Greenwich in hours simply by dividing your longtude in degrees
by 15. For longitudes east the answer is in hours ahead of Greenwich and
for longitudes west the answer is in hours behind Greenwich. If you want to
calculate the nearest whole-hour time zone offset, you can simply round the
answer from the previous calculation to the nearest hour. For example, I
live and work at longitude 151 degrees and about 15 minutes east. That
means the time by the sun here is 10 hours and about 5 minutes ahead of
Greenwich. The nearest whole-hour time zone offset is thus 10 hours ahead
of Greenwich.


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