FW: Java zoneinfo reader

Stuart D. Gathman stuart at bmsi.com
Mon Jun 5 17:06:09 UTC 2000

Paul Eggert wrote:

>    > From:      Stuart D. Gathman [SMTP:stuart at bmsi.com]
>    > Sent:      Thursday, June 01, 2000 5:11 PM
>    > I will browse your site to see if the zoneinfo database handles 2038 yet.
> zic's input can, but its output can't.

Does my proposal sound reasonable?  (High order bits are implied by the
monotonically increasing values in the transition table).   Should I start
working on mods to ZoneInfo and zic?

The advantage of the transition table is that it handles any concievable rule
variation at runtime.  With current histories, the format requires about 1K /

>    > http://www.bmsi.com/java/#TZ
> Is that code freely available?  Currently it says "Copyright (C) 1999
> Business Management Systems, Inc." with no further explanation, which
> means it's proprietary and I shouldn't read it, for the usual
> unfortunate legal reasons.

I have added the LGPL.   The code was largely copied from the zoneinfo library -
so that license should apply.  I hope that LGPL is compatible.  The package
should, of course, be changed for an "official" version.

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