Timezone in Iraqi Kurdistan

Jonathan Lennox lennox at cs.columbia.edu
Mon Jun 12 14:56:29 UTC 2000

An article in this week's Economist ("Inside the Saddam-free zone", p. 50 in
the U.S. edition) on the Iraqi Kurds contains a paragraph: 

"With help from the UN, and protected by an air shield provided by America
and Britain, the three northern provinces, although officially part of Iraq,
have become the de facto state of Kurdistan, enjoying far more autonomy than
the Kurds in Turkey, Iran or Syria.  They use a different currency and
patrol their own borders.  They even switched their clocks this spring and
are an hour ahead of Baghdad."

Anyone know anything more about this?  tzdata2000d only has a single entry
for Iraq, Asia/Baghdad.

Jonathan Lennox
lennox at cs.columbia.edu


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