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Jamie jamie at
Tue Jun 13 00:36:39 UTC 2000


Doane and Shanks
> disagree and in this case Doane's probably correct.  Or, to take a
> modern example, what is the time zone of Pangnirntung, Nunavut,
> Canada?  The province disagrees with the city, so city and commercial
> offices operate in one time zone and provincial offices operate on
> another.  (How will your database address problems like Pangnirtung's?)

With as much diplomacy as possible.   hmmm,

Thanks so much for your prompt reply.   It is a pleasure to receive
knowledgable mail.   I'm familiar with Zip's son's work as well as the work
of Lois and Astrodienst.   I have a copy of the ACS atlas on my machine.
I guess I should know more about Shanks, but since Pottenger is the better
known of the two, I wasn't aware that it was his work that Pottenger was

The atlas actually seems to be the most problematic portion of programming
astrological dates and I can see the wisdom of Pottenger getting into it at
an early point in time.   Still, this is a hobby for me and I'm looking to
earn money at it (yet).   For now, just seeking my mark.

Thanks again Paul,

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