FW: Romance Time (forwarded with permission)

Antoine Leca Antoine.Leca at renault.fr
Thu Jun 29 16:49:33 UTC 2000

> > From: Tim Stratford [SMTP:TStratford at oneworldsoftware.com]
> > Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2000 10:44 AM
> > To:   'ado at elsie.nci.nih.gov'
> > Subject:      One quick question please....
> >
> > Dear Arthur David Olson,
> >       Today I was doing research concerning a time zone or aspect of time
> > called Romance Time.  The research is for one of our software customers
> > and we cannot find much pertaining to the subject at all.  Is their some
> > information which you could supply me about the subject or some resources
> > which I could further research?  Thank you very much for your time and
> > cooperation.

'Romance' is the name used for Europe/Paris and Europe/Madrid
areas in the Windows time zone database.

Hope it helps,


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