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Syed Sajjath Syed.Sajjath at wcom.com
Wed May 17 22:30:04 UTC 2000

Hi Andre,

I am working on a similar project myself.  Would also be interested to know
how you assigned timezones to Country's Region.

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  Hey all...

     A few days away from completing a Windows (32bit) app and accompanying
ActiveX control for time zone stuff

     Need some testers to trash it for me.  Please send me an email
(andre-tascha.lamme at ironriver.com) if interested.  (Let me know if you want
the control or the app)

     Basic specs on the app/ActiveX:

     - Have approximately 28,000 locations (cities, etc.)
     - Each location is based on a Region (e.g. Asia), Country (ISO3166-1)
and a Country's regional info (ISO3166-2) if applicable.  Each location has
GMTOffset and standard DST info (if observes, the dates and amounts of
     - In the app, one can browse or search through locations and add them
to actives (i.e. for display).
     - Can add new locations (still debating whether or not I want to deal
with allowing folks to send me their additions).
     - Can add people identifiers and assign them to existing locations.
(Allows you to see what time it is where "Aunt Mathilda" is, rather than
just generic "Providence, Rhode Island").
     - Can set alarms/reminders to go off as of the specified time for a
target location (i.e. Aunt Mathilda wants you to call her at 15:00 her time)
     - Any other suggestions?


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