proposed tz patches for Mexico, Nunavut, Vostok, etc.

David Keegel djk at
Sun Apr 1 13:32:16 UTC 2001

] Sorry, I haven't had time to think through the issue of Australian
] time zone abbreviations yet.  If I recall correctly, we have so far:
]   * one well-researched proposal to change from EST/EST etc to AEST/AEDT etc; 
]   * one second.
]   * one dissenting vote to leave it at is.
]   * my own brief research indicating that Australians themselves are
]      not consistent
] Right now we have to get the Mexican patches out, so I'll leave the
] Australian abbreviations alone for now, but I'd like more votes and/or
] research if possible.

Thanks for leaving EST/EST vs AEST/AEDT in the pending queue.
I think that's the best place for it at the moment. 

We don't want a repeat of the LHI thing last year where we changed
tzdata and then changed it back again.  If we change it, we should
first confirm that the proposed change is right *and* confirm that
the existing tzdata is wrong.

I could say that AEST/AEDT is `right' in the sense that is it fairly
widely used and understood in Australia.  But I think the jury is
still out on whether EST/EST is wrong (I'd say EST/EST is also widely
used and understood).

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