Updated Australian time zone names/strings

Greg Black gjb at gbch.net
Tue Apr 17 00:52:24 UTC 2001

"Olson, Arthur David (NCI)" wrote:

| At the end of this letter there's a blast from the past: results of a 1993
| survey of time zone abbreviations. At least at that time, and at least in
| the scope of the survey, use of abbreviations such as "AEST" was very
| uncommon; this was (at least in part) what motivated the use of
| abbreviations such as "EST" for Australian time zones.

This is a kind of chicken/egg problem: because the tzdata files
don't offer AEST and friends, people have to jump through hoops
to use them; most don't bother.

| I'd conclude that it's appropriate to leave zones such as
| "Australia/Brisbane" as is to avoid unnecessary change.

Just for the record, I'm still against this.

| A possibility would be to add lines such as
| 	Zone	Australia/CST	9:30	Aus	CST	
| 	Zone	Australia/ACST	9:30	Aus	ACST
| 	Zone	Australia/CXT	9:30	Aus	CST/CDT
| 	Zone	Australia/ACXT	9:30	Aus	ACST/ACDT
| to the "australasia" file; this would let folks who wanted specific
| abbreviations to get them.

Certainly, if I could have one of these to use as an alternative
to "Australia/Brisbane", that would be an acceptable compromise.

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