zic: Compile timezone files on a Tru64 => ERROR

francois reygagne freygagne at opteway.com
Tue Apr 17 20:06:33 UTC 2001

I'm building the timezone files on a Tru64 machine and I receive from zic the
error as bellow:

zic -l CETCEST africa antarctica asia australasia backward etcetera europe
factory northamerica pacificnew southamerica systemv solar87 solar88 solar89
"solar87", line 385: too many local time types (rule from "solar87", line 33)

My Machine is OSF1 atopo01.opteway.com V5.0 1094 alpha and I got the latest olson
africa         backward       iso3166.tab    solar87        systemv
antarctica     etcetera       leapseconds    solar88        yearistype.sh
asia           europe         northamerica   solar89
australasia    factory        pacificnew     southamerica

Please , have you an idea of this problem which prevents me from building the
complete suite of timezone data files.
The list of compiled timezone files is uncomplete as yoy can see bellow:
bash-2.04$ cd /etc/zoneinfo
bash-2.04$ ls
Africa      Asia        CET         Europe      MET
America     Atlantic    EET         Factory     Pacific
Antarctica  Australia   Etc         Indian      WET

The files bellow are not produced by the interrupted zic command
Arctic  Brazil Canada Chile  CST6CDT Cuba  Egypt  Eire EST EST5EDT GB GB-Eire
Greenwich  Hongkong HST  Iceland  Iran  Israel  Jamaica Japan Kwajalein Libya

Thanks for your help.

François REYGAGNE. Software Architect.
opt[e]way S.A., 2881 route des Crêtes, BP308
06906 Sophia Antipolis Cedex, FRANCE
tél: +33 (0)4 92 95 27 01    http://www.opteway.com

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