zic.c compilation

francois reygagne freygagne at opteway.com
Tue Apr 17 21:55:34 UTC 2001

OSF1 adev01.opteway.com V5.0 1094 alpha

make zic
cc       -DTZDIR=\"/usr/local/etc/zoneinfo\" -DNOSOLAR -DHAVE_LONG_DOUBLE=1   -c -o zic.o zic.c
cc: Error: zic.c, line 415: In the definition of the function "error", the promoted type of string is
 incompatible with the type of the corresponding parameter in a prior declaration. (promotmatch)

To remove this compilation error I replace these 3 lines

static void     error P((const char * message));
static void error P((const char* const  string));


static void error(string)
const char* const  string;

BY static void error(const char* const     string);

Is there a compiler option to disable the prototype checking.

Upgrade the zic.c source code file by replacing the prototypes a la Ansi-C is a nightmare, very long...

Is there a compiler option to disable the compiler error to prevent me from updating the C source files

until no compilation error appears.

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