List of time zones compliant both for Linux, Solaris 5.8, OSF1 Tru64, HP-UX

francois reygagne freygagne at
Thu Apr 19 08:51:47 UTC 2001

Greg Black wrote:

> | All the systems that you mention should read the Olson data files
> | as-is; you shouldn't need to link any of the tz code.
> Which leads to the question: under what circumstances would you
> want to use the Olson tz code?

I need to convert a local time attached to a Country, State/City
into a GMT time for each incoming request received by our server.
This must work in a multithreaded architecture, i.e; we have a fixed
of threads which process the incoming request.

Do you have a list of countries, states for the US, cities which matches
the timezone list.
The only localisation info I receive from the client request is the
Country, State or County if exist
City and Longitude/Latitude. My idea is to make an exhaustive list of
all the countries of the planet
associated to the time zone. Each country is a polygon located by two
points(X=Longitude, Y=Latitude).

Forn the France, it will be simple France/Paris but for the US, the
timezone matches a set of states
and I need the association table which gives for a given timezone the
list of states, cities ...

North West                                           North East

X1, Y1 -----------------------!
!                                                                  !
!                                                                  !
!----------------------------X2, Y2

South West                                              South East

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