Add into tzdata to invoke zic compile all time zone data

francois reygagne freygagne at
Thu Apr 19 14:30:22 UTC 2001

I add into the directory the shell script which allows me to
compile all the timezone data.
I find it very convenient to use it since I don't have to recall the
line command to type.

#! /bin/bash
../tzcode2001a/zic africa antarctica asia australasia etcetera europe
factory northamerica pacificnew  southamerica systemv backward solar87
solar88 solar89

Don't forget also the order of files is important as related by the
exchange emails bellow:

Francois Reygagne wrote
> "backward", line 49: warning: hard link failed, symbolic link used
> Is it normal ?
Paul Eggert <eggert at>  replied
You must put "backward" after all the other files that it refers to.
"backward" refers to "etcetera", so you must compile it after you
compile "etcetera".

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