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Ivan Wilhelm ivan.wilhelm at
Thu Apr 19 17:29:02 UTC 2001

I have found this on the Chatham Islands:


"...During the Second World War, clocks were advanced 1/2 an hour in New Zealand for the duration of the War from 1941. This advance of time was made permanent in 1946 by the Standard Time Act 1945. The Act provides that the time at the meridian 180°E was adopted as the basis for New Zealand Time. The new Act put into effect New Zealand Standard Time which was permanently 1/2 an hour ahead of New Zealand Mean Time as determined in 1868 and 12 hours in advance of Greenwich Mean Time or Universal Time. (The Chatham Islands was 45 minutes in advance of New Zealand Mean Time under the new Act)..."

My comment: It seems strange that Chatham Islands time refers to MZ Mean Time while NZ has abandoned Mean Time and now is on Standard Time. 


"...First mention of the Chatham Islands (850km east of Christchurch) was made in the Standard Time Amendment Act 1956 which states that "The time for general purposes in the Chatham Islands shall be forty-five minutes in advance of NZ standard time". This Act is effective from 1 January 1957. The Time Act 1974 defines daylight time in the Chatham Islands as being 1 hour 45 minutes in advance of New Zealand standard time..."

/Ivan Nilsson

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