finding tz-link.htm and other documentation....

Neal McBurnett nealmcb at
Thu Apr 19 21:08:56 UTC 2001

Thanks to you all for a great database and set of tools!

I found your ftp site pretty easily, but it took a surprisingly long
time for me to find the best information, i.e. tz-link.htm, buried in
the tzcode.tar.gz.  It isn't mentioned directly at the FTP site, in
the tzcode README, or anywhere at all in any of the tzdata files.  I
read all the man pages, etc.  and just didn't get to tz-link.htm until
I had played on-and-off for a few days.  Of course it might have
occurred to me that a .htm file would be useful, but the name just didn't
grab me.

To aid future explorers (especially those without tar, etc), could you
keep the latest copy of tz-link.htm on the cannonical ftp site at and mention it in the tzcode README file?

The tzdata database itself never mentions the ftp site at all.  It
would be helpful to either include a tiny README, or a comment in each
tzdata file, to point to the ftp site and tz-link.htm.

A README at the ftp site would be handy to indicate what all the other
files there are.

Finally, tzselect is also a useful solution to a common problem, and
should be mentioned in tz-link.htm and the README, I think.

Thanks again,

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