tzfiles for an embedded system

Brian Kuschak brian.kuschak at
Sat Dec 8 22:20:45 UTC 2001


Our embedded system is very tight on space, but we need to provide a good
timezone implementation.  I would like to use the standard tzfiles, but
optimize them for space.  My intention is to modify the zic program to strip
out all historical rules and only create tzfiles with information for the
year 2000 onwards.  I would probably include only a subset of the posix_only
rules in our system.

I've started playing with the code a bit to do this, and wanted to ask:
would it be better to filter out the historical rules as they are read from
the files, in inrule() and then remove zones which have no associated rules?
Or perhaps read all of the rules and zones and then filter those which are
actually written into the tzfiles in outzone()?

Any comments would be appreciated (via direct email, I'm not on the list).


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