Corrections of for CN entries

Paul Eggert eggert at
Thu Dec 13 19:08:03 UTC 2001

> Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 15:33:45 +0100
> From: Oscar van Vlijmen <o.van.vlijmen at>

> Listed below is a complete list of the current administrative regions of
> China.

Sorry, I should have stated the problem more clearly.  The problem is
deciding which administrative regions correspond to which tz Zone
entries.  This will require consulting Shanks.

I'm actually a bit skeptical of Shanks in this area.  Shanks is the
best source I know here, but I'd much rather have a Chinese source of
historical time zone data.  I've heard that astrology is popular in
China, so I'd expect this info to be written down _somewhere_; but I
don't know where.

> This email seems to be a reply to a previously send email, but I didn't
> receive the original mail from Anthony Fok through the tz-list.

It probably hasn't gotten past the moderator yet.  I was also sent the
email directly, which is why I saw it earlier.

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