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On Wed, Dec 12, 2001 at 04:48:11PM -0800, Paul Eggert wrote:
> CN	+3114+12128	Asia/Shanghai	east China - Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai, etc.
> CN	+4545+12641	Asia/Harbin	Heilongjiang
> CN	+2934+10635	Asia/Chongqing	central China - Gansu, Guizhou, Sichuan, Yunnan, etc.
> CN	+4348+08735	Asia/Urumqi	Tibet & most of Xinjiang
> CN	+3929+07559	Asia/Kashgar	southwest Xinjiang

BTW, I did some research on-line and found some info regarding these five
historic timezones from some Taiwan websites.  And yes, there are official
Chinese names for these locales (before 1949):

(Chinese names in GB2312 encoding in parentheses)

	Asia/Harbin	Changbai Time	(长白时区)
			= "Long-white Time", Long-white = Heilongjiang area

	Asia/Shanghai	Zhongyuan Time	(中原时区)
			= "Central plain Time"

	Asia/Chongqing	Long-shu Time	(陇蜀时区)
			= "Long-Shu Time"; I guess Long and Shu are two
			   historic names of that area?  :-)
			   forgot where Long is, but Shu is in the area
			   of the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms".  :-)

	Asia/Urumqi	Xin-zang Time	(新藏时区)
			= "Xinjiang-Tibet Time"

	Asia/Kashgar	Kunlun Time	(昆仑时区)

I'm subscribed to quite a few Chinese mailing lists.  I will try to ask
around to see if anyone knows more about these time zones.  :-)



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