IERS Message No. 18: IERS Annual Report 2000

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Thu Dec 20 09:43:10 UTC 2001

IERS Message No. 18                                       December 20, 2001

IERS Annual Report 2000

An online version of the IERS Annual Report 2000 is available at

The report is presented as PDF file(s), to be read/downloaded completely
or by chapters.

The report will also be printed and distributed to all subscribers. In
case that you are interested in the printed version and do not know
whether your address is on our distribution list for annual reports,
please feel free to contact us. Please let us also know about address
changes during the last two years.

Two technical hints on reading the PDF files may be useful:
(1) In case that you do not have the Acrobat Reader, there is a link at
the annual report page where to get it for free.
(2) It is recommended not to use the Acrobat Reader us a plug-in to your
browser, because it happens that large PDF files are not shown. This
concerns Chapters IV.2 and IV.4, as well as the file with the complete
152 pages. You may set the options of Acrobat Reader so that it will be
activated outside the browser (Edit > Preferences > Options > Display
PDF in Browser [deactivate]). However, this may not necessarily happen
on all computers, so that you may try first to read the documents before
changing the options.

We wish you and your families a peaceful, happy and successful year 2002,
Bernd Richter and Wolfgang Dick
IERS Central Bureau

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