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>  | Pasted in here is a complete list of time zones and abbreviations.
>(with the offsets from UTC conveniently opposite from the
>conventional method - positive is generally east of Greenwich, and
>negative west ... except inside unix).

The numbers in the previous list are not UTC offsets.  The standard amounts
are true time zones.  They can all be defined as "Add to get UTC."

>  |     TimeZones(43) = "Australian Eastern Daylight Time - AEDT (-11:00)"
>This is quite simply wrong, there is no "Daylight" time in Australia,
>there is "Summer" time.

The following list of 55 world time zones from an Australian source agrees
with you about the name, having "Australian Eastern Summer Time", although
in order for it to be unique, the abbreviation is still AEDT.

GMT  Greenwich Mean Time           +00:00
UT   Universal Time                +00:00
WAT  West Africa Time              +01:00
AZ   Azores Time                   +02:00
BZT2 Brazil Zone 2                 +03:00
NST  Newfoundland Time             +03:30
AST  Atlantic Time                 +04:00
ADT  Atlantic Daylight Time        +03:00
EST  Eastern Time                  +05:00
EDT  Eastern Daylight Time         +04:00
EWT  Eastern War Time              +04:00
CST  Central Time                  +06:00
CDT  Central Daylight Time         +05:00
CWT  Central War Time              +05:00
MST  Mountain Time                 +07:00
MDT  Mountain Daylight Time        +06:00
MWT  Mountain War Time             +06:00
PST  Pacific Time                  +08:00
PDT  Pacific Daylight Time         +07:00
PWT  Pacific War Time              +07:00
YST  Yukon Time                    +09:00
AHST Alaska-Hawaii Time            +10:00
AHDT Alaska-Hawaii Daylight Time   +09:00
HST  Hawaii Time                   +10:30
NT   Nome Time                     +11:00
BET  Bering Time                   +11:00
BST  British Summer Time           -01:00
BWT  British War Time              -02:00
CET  Central European Time         -01:00
MET  Middle European Time          -01:00
EET  Eastern European Time         -02:00
BAT  Baghdad Time                  -03:00
USZ3 USSR Zone 3                   -04:00
USZ4 USSR Zone 4                   -05:00
IST  Indian Time                   -05:30
USZ5 USSR Zone 5                   -06:00
NSUT North Sumatra Time            -06:30
SSUT South Sumatra Time            -07:00
JT   Java Time                     -07:30
CCT  China Coast Time              -08:00
JST  Japan Time                    -09:00
GST  Guam Time                     -10:00
SAT  South Australian Time         -09:30
SDT  South Australian Summer Time  -10:30
AEST Australian Eastern Time       -10:00
AEDT Australian Eastern Summer Time-11:00
ACST Australian Central Time       -09:30
ACDT Australian Central Summer Time-10:30
AWST Australian Western Time       -08:00
AWDT Australian Westerm Summer Time-09:00
NZ   New Zealand Time (Pre 1940)   -11:30
NZT  New Zealand Time              -12:00
NZST New Zealand Summer Time       -13:00
NZS  New Zealand Summer (Pre 1940) -12:30
AWT  Atlantic War Time             +03:00

The Soviet time zone names in the previous e-mail's list, but not the
abbreviations, are from a source in Moscow.

Here is his letter, dated Dec. 23, 1997.

>Dear Mr. Halloran:
>First of all, as you asked me, I send you herewith my comments
>concerning your proposed new list of time zones.
>I agree that it is not necessary to have Moscow Standard Time in the
>time zones list. 
>I suppose that it in normal to have USSR Time Zones in the list, because
>most of potential users of the program in countries of the former Soviet
>Union were born in these time zones. 
>On the other hand I am afraid that it is not quite correct to use such
>notation for ACTUAL time zones, because some people in Russia and other
>CIS countries have an aversion for that name already, but most of them
>just will decide that the program is a little bit antique.
>Perhaps it will be better to use "Russia" instead of "USSR" for actual
>time zones or to add also more neutral and universally recognized
>notation for names of zones:
>USSR Zone 1 =	Kaliningrad Time or Kaliningrad Time Zone  (neither USSR
>or Russia has no Time Zone 1, so legally the Kaliningrad Time is the
>Moscow Time minus one hour)
>USSR Zone 2 =	Moscow Time (not "Decree" after January 19, 1992, but
>still -03:00)
>USSR Zone 3 =	Volga Time or Volga Time Zone
>USSR Zone 4 =	Ural Time or Ural Time Zone
>USSR Zone 5 =	West-Siberian Time or West-Siberian Time Zone
>USSR Zone 6 =	Yenisei Time or Yenisei Time Zone
>USSR Zone 7 =	Irkutsk Time or Irkutsk Time Zone
>USSR Zone 8 =	Amur Time or Amur Time Zone
>USSR Zone 9 =	Maritime (or Vladivostok) Time or Maritime (or
>Vladivostok) Time Zone
>USSR Zone 10 =	Okhotsk Time or Okhotsk Time Zone
>USSR Zone 11 =	Kamchatka Time or Kamchatka Time Zone
>USSR Zone 12 =	Chukot Time or Chukot Time Zone
>All zones have appropriate Summer Times. Under legislation enacted in
>1992, summer time begins at 2 AM on the last Sunday of March and ends at
>3 AM on the last Sunday of September.
>I shell send you details on other question in the nearest future.
>Alexei Kornilov


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