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At 01:23 PM 02/13/01 +1100, Alex LIVINGSTON <alex at> wrote:
>But the Chatham Islands, though east of 180 degrees longitude (and 
>thus in the western hemisphere), are _west_ of the date line, which 
>necessarily diverges from the 180-degree meridian to lie east of the 
>Chatham Islands.
>Closer (presumably) to home, you've also left out Newfoundland 
>Daylight Time (+02:30).

You're right.  I will add that.  I will also add the 1:30 time zone
observed from April through October, 1988 as Newfoundland Double Daylight

>Please pardon my indignant tone :-) .

Actually, your comments are really appreciated. Thank you for taking the
time to correct the mistakes or shortcomings in my time zone list.  You
have a superior knowledge of world time zones which I respect.

Let me know if I may communicate my revised list to you for review.


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