UK/Concession Time

Paul L. Allen pla at
Tue Feb 13 17:00:54 UTC 2001

Just grabbed the tz stuff for the first time in a year or two.

My understanding of Clive Feather's post, which I no longer have a
copy of, is that Cheriton Terminal runs on Concession Time 
(Concession comes from the "Channel Tunnel Concession") - the
station clocks are set to Concesion Time.  Concession time is
formally defined to be the same as French Civil Time and uses the
distinctive :) abbreviations of CT in the winter and CT in the summer.

I am not sure about the police issue.  There are special Rail
Transport Police but I believe it's rare for them to be permanently
located at a station.  The normal police may also be called in to deal
with matters.  I'd expect the normal police would go by GMT/BST since 
they're trained to check their watches.  I'd expect an RTP who had to
travel to the terminal to deal with an incident to use GMT/BST for the same
reason.  If there are RTPs permanently stationed at the terminal, it
could be that they'd set their watches to CT but it's anybody's
guess how they'd record times.

Anyway, it is a fact that the terminal operates on Concession Time.
As such, if they have any Unix boxes there it's likely that they will
be configured to run on Concession Time by pretending they're in the
Europe/France timezone.  We don't need a Europe/Concession zone but I
think it's a nice touch to have one.  At the very least, knowing about
Concession Time is useful for astounding people in pubs. :)


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