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Vadim Vygonets vadik at
Sun Feb 18 02:06:02 UTC 2001

Quoth Martin Smoot on Mon, Feb 12, 2001:
> This is not like the commercial airports around
> the world where the 3 letter designation has to be unique so your
> luggage does not get lost (or maybe that is why it does get lost!).

Airports, BTW, have not only unique abbreviations, but also
generalized geographical abbreviations which allow you to get a
ticket to, say, Paris without specifying an airport.  When I went
from LON to TYO, I actually went from LHR to NRT.  HTH.

With timezones it's different.  You try to go to IST (Israel),
you arrive to IST (India), and your baggage waits for you in IST
(Ireland).  And I don't see a way to change it without getting
out of sync with governments.  While I don't think Israel has
official English TZ abbreviations, governments in English
speaking countries will not change TZ names.


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