Html-ize the tz database?

Gwillim Law gwil at
Wed Feb 28 09:02:33 UTC 2001

Recently, this mailing list has discussed the perceived need for
standardized time zone abbreviations.  There has also been some talk about
putting the boundaries of time zones into a GIS (Geographic Information
System) format.  Several people have volunteered to help with that task.
These issues are not new; they've come up repeatedly in the past.

I've just now posted a few sample Web pages to display data from the tz
database in a more accessible format.  This applies particularly to the
geographic extent of time zones, which is hidden in comments in tzdata2000h.
I invite anyone who is interested to visit and browse around.  Questions to
keep in mind:  Are the sample pages the best way of displaying the data?
Would they be a useful resource for the other tasks mentioned above?  Is it
feasible to maintain a Web site like this in synch with the tz database?

Gwillim Law

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