TZ Data to XML Project

Chris Sells csells at
Thu Mar 8 16:35:50 UTC 2001

> > These are the outputs of my attempts to translate the native tz
> data into
> > XML for easier parsing for applications other than
> implementations of the
> > standard C routines related to time [1].
> > [1]
> Thanks.  I couldn't find a DTD or schema for the XML you generate but

>From the web site: "Yet To Do: XSD support."

> I guess it's pretty easy to figure it out.  But this brings up an
> important point: what should the DTD be?
> I know of one other effort to XMLize time zone data, namely, the
> effort to XMLize iCalendar.  Wouldn't it make sense for us to base a
> tz DTD on that work?

My only goal was to dump the raw data into XML format with full fidelity
(including comments). XSLTs can translate that data into whatever format
that's needed.


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