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Mon Sep 24 02:35:31 UTC 2001

To Whom it may concern:
     Every year I dread daylight savings time.  I understand why this started 
many years ago but I do not understand why it continues.  Everyone I talk to 
makes the same comments.  We would all prefer it to stay light outside later 
at night and no one minds it being dark in the morning.  I think we should 
eliminate daylight savings time and if we are going to change the clocks at 
all we should turn them ahead in the fall and back in the spring.  It is 
backwards now!
     If you are not the correct person to email about this can you please 
forward this email to that person or send me their email?  If this is 
determined by each individual state, I would be concerned with CT and NY.  I 
would like to start a petition to change this practice and I need to know how 
many names would be considered significant, if they can be from different 
states across the country and where to send it.
Thank you,
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