Time Zones changes in Argentina

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you might be right on that, and I didn't find further info today, so I just 
wrote to the Senator who wrote the 1999 Timezone Law asking him if the 
(southern) 1999/2000 summer is considered "Summer Time".

I don't know if he'll answer, but maybe he does... just in case, I also asked 
him if he has a good source about the mess that happened in the early 90's 
(to kill two birds with one shot, as it's said in Spanish).

I'll keep the list informed about my findings...

El 4 Feb 2002 a las 11:03, Paul Eggert escribió:

> > From: "Mariano Absatz" <baby at baby.com.ar>
> > Date: 	Mon, 4 Feb 2002 09:43:14 -0300
> > 
> > AFAIK, as the 1999 Timezone Law was never effective, so there was no DST 
> > applied during that period...
> If I understand the situation correctly, you're correct that the 1999
> law did not affect the UTC offset: the clocks were always at offset
> -3:00 from UTC.  However, my impression is that the law did declare
> that from 1999-10-03 through 2000-03-02 Argentina's standard UTC
> offset was changed from -3:00 to -4:00, and that daylight-saving time
> was in effect during that period.
> For most purposes the distinction is academic, as wall clocks didn't
> need to be changed.  But the distiction sometimes matters.  For
> example, an English-language "date" command should have printed "ARST"
> (not "ART") in Argentina during the period in question.

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