Russian zones

George Zeigler genz1968 at
Fri Feb 22 12:24:42 UTC 2002


     I live in Russia.  Everything here is relative to Moscow time.  If
this isn't too long for you, then this would be the best way to show the
Russian zones.  

(Moscow -01) Kaliningrad
(Moscow +00) Moscow
(Moscow +01) Samara
(Moscow +02) Yekaterinburg
(Moscow +03) Novosibirsk
(Moscow +03) Omsk
(Moscow +04) Krasnoyarsk
(Moscow +05) Irkutsk
(Moscow +06) Yakutsk
(Moscow +07) Vladivostok
(Moscow +07) Sakhalin
(Moscow +08) Magadan
(Moscow +09) Kamchatka
(Moscow +10) Anadyr

PS Leaving the zeros after the + signs helps them to sort properly.

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