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Fri Dec 12 14:39:47 UTC 2003

The following appears in this week's New Scientist (13 Dec) Feedback and is
available on-line at <>:

 AFTER 30 years of "daylight saving" - moving the clocks forward in the
 spring and then back again in the autumn - there is still an Abolish
 Daylight Saving Committee in New South Wales, Australia.

 Added to the usual claims of such campaigns - for example, that the
 extra hour of daylight in the evening in summer fades the curtains - is
 a new one from ADSC spokeswoman Judith Hall, of Gunnedah, who told the
 Sydney Morning Herald: "No man has the right to choose the time of the
 rising and setting of the sun, only God."

 Reader John McCallum, who told us about this, is surprised Hall doesn't
 explain why God doesn't simply exercise this choice. When people insist
 on moving their clocks forward, He should just move the sunrise forward
 and thwart them that way.

Never mind 24:00, I wonder how zic would cope with that. :-)

This particular ADSC doesn't seem to have a web presence. Searching
for `abolish daylight saving' in the archive box at <>
turns up some stuff but they want money for their archive stories.
I found one article for free at
but I couldn't find the Jeff Corbett column from 29 Oct mentioned
in the archive hit summaries.

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