FW: Error: end of DST Vienna 1918 is not in Jun

Paul Eggert eggert at twinsun.com
Wed Mar 5 09:09:53 UTC 2003

> > The BEV seems to be saying that in Vienna daylight-saving
> > was observed for only 10 days in 1945, allegedly.
> Um, remember that there was a war on, and somewhere around then Vienna
> changed hands. Is it possible it moved from Berlin time to Allied time?

The word "allegedly" is from the BEV's document which says (in German,
I've used Babelfish to translate to English):

   In the year 1945 the summer time without special regulation was
   waived by the end of the war. This procedure was given usually by
   the invasion of the occupation troops and took place thus in
   individual regions at different times, so e.g. in Vienna allegedly
   on 12 April 1945. Exact documents over it are not well-known us.

The odd thing about it is that the Red Army captured Vienna on April
13, and (if the BEV is to believed) immediately canceled DST and
therefore switched the clocks to be 1 hour ahead of UTC.  And yet,
when the same Red Army took Berlin, our other information is that it
switched Berlin's clocks to use Moscow Summer Time (UTC+4) or to
Central European Midsummer Time (UTC+3), depending on whether you talk
to Joerg Schilling or to the PTB.

At this point it may be impossible to tell what really happened with
the clocks back in that chaotic time, when people had far more
important things to worry about than time zones and DST.

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