Daylight Savings Time in Israel (2003-2004)

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Sun Mar 23 06:41:23 UTC 2003

On Tue, 11 Mar 2003, Rives McDow wrote:

>   Do you have any additional information about the daylight savings
> changes in Israel for 2003?

Minister of Interior Poraz has announced that he will respect the law
passed in July 2000 (proposed at the time jointly by himself and
then-MK David Azulai [Shas]) fixing the dates for 2000-2004.  Hence,
the dates for 2003 and 2004 remain unchanged:

        Year    Start       End
        ----    -----       ---
        2003    Mar. 28     Oct.  3
        2004    Apr.  7     Sep. 22

Where the start/end takes place at 1 AM old time (i.e. 1 a.m. IST => 2 a.m. IDT
and 1 a.m. IDT => midnight IST).

Timezone files for Israel can be found at:

As far as 2005 and beyond, no dates have been set.  However, the minister
has mentioned that he wishes to propose to move Israel's timezone in 2005
from GMT+2 to GMT+3 and upon that have DST during the summer months (i.e.
GMT+4).  However, no legislation in this direction is expected until the
latter part of 2004 which is a long time off in terms of Israeli politics.

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