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Mon Aug 2 20:26:58 UTC 2004

Robert Elz scripsit:

> There's only one definition of "portable" that matters - if I code in
> this particular way, can I distribute my code and assume that it will
> work everywhere (here that means, everywhere there's a compiler that
> claims to compile C code).

"Claims" to compile C code?  What if it lies, and actually only accepts Fortran?

Seriously, it's one thing to claim conformance to (a particular version of)
the C Standard.  It's quite another thing to claim to compile C in general.
C has had forward- and backward-incompatible changes, and while the effort
was made to change as little as possible during standardization, that's not
the same as changing *nothing*.

If you want Perl-style portability, you know where to find it.

> If I want my code to be portable, it has to work on everything that
> is able to compile it.

My computer that I have in my pocket here has only 256 words of RAM, so your
program won't "work" on it for very large values of "your program".  I don't
see that as a portability failure.

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