Looking for non-TZ-dependent localtime()

Jonathan Lennox lennox at cs.columbia.edu
Wed Aug 4 01:28:33 UTC 2004

On Tuesday, August 3 2004, "Michael Lindner" wrote to "Tz" saying:

> I have a multithreaded server that has a thread per client, and needs to 
> talk to clients in their local timezone. All the "normal" UNIX time 
> functions rely on "TZ" for timezone information, so even though they're 
> nominally "thread-safe" they don't support my application, since TZ is 
> global across threads.
> Is there a localtime()-like implementation out there that can do what I 
> need, or do I have to write one? And if not and I have to write one, 
> what code base is the "correct" one to start from (e.g. Linux, 
> tzcode2003e.tar.gz from elsi.nci.nih.gov, etc.)?

I implemented one a while back, based on the then-current version of tzcode
with some input from its FreeBSD variant.

I've attached my message implementing it below.  It's based on tzcode2001c.
It might be a bit of work to update it to the current version of tzcode;
I've not tried it.

Licensed under the standard tzcode license, i.e. public domain.

For discussion of it, check out the archives of the tz list from June 2001.

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