Proposed asctime-related changes

Clive D.W. Feather clive at
Tue Aug 10 06:03:47 UTC 2004

Paul Eggert said:
>> Doesn't matter for defensive coding. Okay, a value of -INT_MAX will print
>> as "Tue" rather than "???", but who cares?
> We're talking about code that attempts to defend against nonexistent
> system bugs of a class that one cannot defend against in general.  So
> to some extent we've gone off the deep end already.  As long as we're
> going to such extremes, we might as well have the code output an
> appropriate danger signal (in this case "???") whenever any underlying
> problem can easily be detected.

In which case, wouldn't judicious use of assert() be even better?

Point taken, though.

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