Israel 2005-2007 -- Proposed Timezone Dates

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Sun Dec 5 13:12:44 UTC 2004

On Sun, 24 Oct 2004, I wrote:

> Attached are the diffs to 'asia' in tzdata2004e.tar.gz for the proposed
> dates for the State of Israel for the years 2005-2007.
> However, I don't know if they should be incorporated in the global
> database just yet as they have a long legislative path to pass before
> getting passed into law especially, as noted in the comments, since the
> Minister of Interior's own government objects to these dates.

The plot thickens.

On Tuesday night, the Prime Minister dismissed all the ministers of
the Shinui faction of his coalition including the Minister of Interior.
However, by law, the dismissal takes 48 hours to take effect and the
outgoing Minister of Interior used his authority on Thursday (December 2nd)
to set the dates from my previous message for the years 2005-2007 despite
the fact that the dates had not yet been approved either by the Interior
Committee or the Knesset.

However, it is not clear that this authority is legally binding -- i.e.
whether these dates will be entered into the "reshumot" (the State of
Israel's official register).  The secretariat of the Knesset Interior
Committee is consulting with the Knesset's Legal Advisor, Anna Schneider,
on this question and has offered to let me know when a decision is reached.

Be aware, however, that even if these dates are deemed legal, whoever is
the new Minister of Interior has the right to propose alternate dates
before these dates take effect -- this has happened numerous times in the
past and even when the outgoing and incoming ministers were from the same
party (e.g. in 1995, when the cabinet was shuffled following the assassination
of the late Prime Minister Rabin in November 1995).

I will keep the list informed of any further developments.
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