Brazilian Time Zones

Renato S. de Araujo renato_strazzeri at
Sat Dec 11 13:49:46 UTC 2004

I noticed the following abbreviation in the ICU
southamerica file for Brazil: FNT, BRT,AMT,ACT and
respective ST times for DLS.

Brazilian time zones were introduced by a decree in
1913, and although many decrees afterward  modified
the dates and regions for DSL, no one has changed
their names. 

I understand Reinaldo Goulart comments about official
time plus/minus naming of time zones as this is widely
used in Brasil, however, officially their names still
"Primeiro Fuso, Segundo Fuso, Terceiro Fuso, Quarto
Fuso", (First,second,third,fourth fuse respectively,
and as you mentioned DSL is know in Brazil as "Summer
Time" (Horário de Verão), I would propose changing the
names for the time zones as follows:
             std         dsl
-2:00   BRPF     BRPFHV  Fernando de Noronha
-3:00   BRSF     BRSFHV  Brasila
-4:00   BRTF     BRTFHV  Rondonia 
-5:00   BRQF    BRQFHV  Acre

I suggest removing Amazon as a reference State because
part of it is in a different time zone. 



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