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Thu Jul 29 14:38:03 UTC 2004

Andrew Brown said:
>> K&R isn't the Standard, and sometimes simplifies.
> true, but the second edition has the ansi stamp on it, and afaik
> there's no third edition.

The "ansi stamp" simply means that they made changes to match C99. The fact
that K&R haven't changed the text to match C99 doesn't make them correct.

> i have a c9x draft somewhere around but the
> last time i looked, it was more than twice as large as the k&r book i
> have and at most half as readable.  i doubt that particular aspect of
> the language was changed, though.

Actually it was. Significantly - you're looking at the person who wrote the
new text.

[Before you panic, the basic concepts are unchanged, but a whole load of
subtle issues have now been addressed.]

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