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Thu Jul 29 14:41:38 UTC 2004

Paul Eggert said:
>> Is using "%-4ld" to print the year a happy medium?
> You mean, print something like "999 " for the year, with trailing
> spaces?  Sorry, no, that doesn't conform either.  If we're going to
> fail to conform to the standard, we shouldn't mess around with
> left-justification: it's even more confusing.


> I agree with Robert Elz that "that code is broken. End of story" is
> too harsh.  That is why I'm advocating that we continue to have
> asctime always return a valid non-NULL string, even though the
> standard doesn't require this.  This is a good thing -- we shouldn't
> gratuitiously break common usage even if it's no longer conforming.

I don't have a problem with always getting a text string even when the
behaviour is undefined; that's a good approach.

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