Argentina's timezone blues... aftermath

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Sat Jun 5 14:48:37 UTC 2004


I'm deeply sorry, I had a couple of completely maddening weeks and 
wasn't able to follow up on my postings... I couldn't even read if 
someone did... I'm posting old news so, if this has already been 
posted, please disregard my message (I'm not on my computer right 
now, and I can't easily access the list archive)...

So... I know what's going on, but I couldn't find official sources... 
The 'official federal source', only says that the 'national' timezone 
is UTC-03:00 ( ).

These media articles from a major newspaper mostly cover the current 

The changes in Mendoza are those that Paul incorporated a couple of 
weeks ago.

The following eight (8) provinces pulled clocks back to UTC-04:00 at 
midnight Monday May 31st. (that is, the night between 05/31 and 

La Rioja
San Juan
San Luis
Santa Cruz
Tierra del Fuego

Apparently, all nine provinces would go back to UTC-03:00 at the same 
time in October 17th.

Sorry for providing so little info, so late.--
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