Time Zone Localizations

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IN ISO 3166-1, in the 3-digit numeric codes, the 900+-999 range is available
for private use. Some of these are already "taken", i.e. in widespread use.
I note that banking and financial services (ISO TC68) standardards for
financial transactions do use the 3-digit numeric code because it is the
most stable.

Attached is a a document which may be of interest. Comments welcome on the
proposed default conventions.

With respect to pseudo-countries, one should note that near 25% of the
entities in ISO 3166-1 are not "countries", i.e. UN member nation states. I
will forward some information on this next week. I am involved in a
JTC1/SC32/WG1 eBusiness standard pertaining to "jurisdictional domains".
Here date/time referencing and localization requirements are importnat.

regards - Jake Knoppers

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Mark Davis said:
> Understood that Etc/GMT... don't correspond to countries. But in an API
and for
> translation, it is useful to have everything attached to a country, even
if it
> is a pseudo-country. That's why the suggestion in the document is to use
ZZ for
> them, which is a private-use ISO country code, which can be translated as
> country".

I wouldn't use ZZ, because it's useful for AA and ZZ to lie outside the
range of codes used. Rather, use one of the other private-use codes - isn't
OO available? If I've misremembered that, then certainly QQ and QZ are.

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