Time Zone Localizations

Infoman mpereira at istar.ca
Fri Jun 11 17:02:32 UTC 2004

Clive et al,

I received some other comments and feedback on JTC1N7335. My intention is to
(together with David Clemis) draft a new version and include comments and
corrections. This should be completed before end of July, 2004. Those which
you and others may have including the one already made will be incorporated.

merci - Jake Knoppers

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Infoman said:
> Thanks very much. My apologies and I stand to be corrected.

You're welcome.

Can you prod the people who wrote that PDF you circulated earlier? They'll
take more notice of you than me.

> The information that I sent was based on that provided by the UN people in
> their Statistical Division. It is now obvious that whomever, I spoke to
> corresponded with three years ago, is not as precise as the "lord of


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