Argentina's timezone blues... aftermath

Mariano Absatz baby at
Mon Jun 14 15:05:20 UTC 2004


they keep changing things.

First, this weekend, the Province of Tucumán decided it'd go back to 
UTC-03:00 yesterday midnight (that is, at 24:00 Saturday 12th), since the 
people's annoyance with the change is much higher than the power savings 
obtained (originally estimated in about 5% and apparently yelding only 
about 1% of I don't quite know what measure).

So, oficially, Tucumán went back last weekend.

What's more, Tierra del Fuego is studying also the possibility of going 
back to UTC-03:00 earlier than originally stated, since the short 
afternoons would also affect the upcoming ski season, although it's not 
clear when will that happen (if it will).

I'll try to keep you posted :-/

El 14 Jun 2004 a las 0:53, Paul Eggert escribió:

> Thanks for reporting the news about the 8 other provinces in
> Argentina that just moved their clocks.  I'll submit a proposed
> patch to the tz list shortly.
> For now, I'll assume that this is a special year due to a power
> shortage, and that next year the 9 provinces plan to revert to UTC+3
> all year.  If this isn't correct, please let me know.

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